The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies

Image of The Ultimate Sales MachineWhy did I choose this resource?

I chose this resource to help me set a foundation for my business as well as help improve my sales skills.

What did you learn from it?

I learned how to manage a business and improve sales by improving marketing and advertising. I also learned techniques to hire a stellar employee and how to find and retain the best buyers.

Key Knowledge

  • 12 Key Strategies
    1. Maximize Productivity
      • Hold meetings for each department in your business.
      • Focus on the three P’s: planning, procedures and policies
    2. Train
      • Skills and professionalism need to be constantly improving
      • To be an expert, you need the most current information
    3. Workshop Methodology
      • Weekly meetings that allow the staff to help identify and create solutions to problems in the company.
      • Goal for each meeting is to improve or correct just one aspect of the business.
    4. Become a Strategist
      • Create a plan to accomplish your long term goal.
      • Use tactics to reach this goal.
    5. Stellar Employees
      • Know the personality of a great sales person.
        • This is someone who can start with nothing, and in time exceed your expectations.
      • Use the ‘Attack’ in screening calls before offering an interview.
        • See how someone handles rejection.
          • Do they accept it or do they turn around and try to sell themselves to you?
    6. Best Buyer Strategy
      • Use a strategy call the Dream 100
        • Go above and beyond to capture and keep these clients.
        • Stay in their faces!
      • Referrals
        • Extremely important.
        • Offer clients incentives for recommending your business.
    7. Seven ‘Musts’ of Marketing
      • Advertising, direct mail, corporate literature, public relations, personal contact, market education, and internet.
    8. Stadium Pitch
      • Use education-based marketing
      • Helps to gain clients, not customers.
    9. Plan Best Buyer Attack
      • Choose the Dream 100 you are going to target and don’t let them forget about you.
      • Send gifts with letters bi-weekly, don’t be out of contact for more than a month, follow up gifts and letters with calls to try and schedule an appointment, and always market data not product data. Exploit what makes you better than the competition.
    10. The Seven Steps to Every Sale
      • Establish rapport, find the need, build value, create desire, overcome objections, close the sale, and follow up.
      • Your team must be up to date and retrained on these if the business is going to prosper.
    11. Plan Follow –up Steps
      • Establish and maintain a relationship with the client.
      • Constantly keep the client interested and excited about you and the sale.
    12. Set Goals and Measure Success
      • Write them down and track progress to report to your staff.

How are you using what you learned?

I am using this new information to help lay a foundation for my catering business. I am also using this information to improve my thought process on sales; gaining clients, not customers and how to incorporate education-based marketing into a catering business.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Interview process: using the ‘Attack’ in screening calls
  • Send out letters through snail mail to our Dream 100 clients


  • Name : The Ultimate Sales Machine
  • Author : Chet Holmes
  • Link to Book

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