An image with different business platform Architectures.

How Business Platforms Are Key to Success

An Early Business Platform Design
An Early Business Platform Design

We at Anant have been building a business platform for the last 10 years.  We have also been helping create modern enterprises, but have recently shifted focus to the business platforms of our clients.  In an effort to convey our refined focusthe Anant team has been taking steps to convey this into a mantra we can follow and communicate to others:

“We inspire CXO’s with best practices and patterns to help them make decisions through evaluations & profiles, and empower them with plans & tools to take action to build their business platforms.”

Business Platforms

First, let’s answer the question, “What is a Business Platform?”  A business platform is a set of interconnected technologies and services that the functionality of a company depends on.  Meaning, depending on the company, or even the type of company, the parts of one business platform can be completely different from another.  These pieces of a business platform can be categorized into four parts:

  1. Interface, e.g. Views, HTML, Dojo, AngularJS, etc.
  2. Software, e.g. backend, core programming; JavaScript, C#, etc.
  3. Database, e.g. SQL Server, Cassandra, XML, JSON, etc.
  4. System, e.g. the OS, or complete systems like WordPress, Docker, DevOps, etc.

Our CEO, Rahul Singh, has also recently wrote a more extensive look at business platforms and their importance here.

Business Platform Success at Anant

So what does this mean to us?  Our goal isn’t just to take a look at someone’s business or project and sign off on it.  We want to be able to give to our clients our expertise in various technologies and services that align with the client’s goals.  So if a client comes to us with a series of requirements, we can say that we have the people, knowledge, and resources that are tailored specifically to accomplish what they need.

That’s not to say that everyone here needs to be an expert at everything, but instead that Anant as a whole has vetted a series of professionals, technologies, and services who we can say can get the job done, and done right.  Being a member of the team means being a part of our expanding network of employees, contractors, and partners who we trust, and who share our ideals of providing the best of the best.

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