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Why Trello? – 20 Best Trello Links for the Modern Enterprise

Trello is one of our most frequently used tools and we want to show you how we use it. We also collected the best 20 trello links worthy of your time to help you use it for your modern enterprise. We use it across almost all of our modern enterprise responsibility areas (Slideshare).  First, here’s how our Team leverages Trello as part of our business platform to run our firm.

  • Sales & Marketing – We have a few different process boards here primarily for “Business Development” and now more recently for “Content Workflow.”
  • Products & Services – For client interaction, we use Trello to show progress on their projects because it’s easier to share the progress as a visual board. We screenshot work on a card so it’s easy to get acceptance of the work.
  • Research & Development – We leverage Trello for our product roadmaps,  agile scrum, and ideation / innovation backlogs. We moved them off of our old project management system ActiveCollab and keep many things off of our current system, JIRA, because we only use the project management systems for what is actually getting done during a current sprint or release.
  • Operations & Infrastructure – We use Trello for our office’s vision board for what we want to get for the office, and what prints to frame and decorate our office
  • Leadership & Management – Even though we are starting to use Airtable for applicant tracking, we started with Trello and still use it for managing the “employee prospect to interviewee” process.
  • Finance & Accounting – I don’t think we use it for Finance. Yet.

Second, although the Trello blog is a great resource of uses, templates, and tips related to the software, we took the time to review trello links where we learned how other folks who have leveraged Trello for specific uses. As you can see below, this tool has no limits. You can use it to manage your day to day through the GTD methodology or to run your company’s OKRs. Here are some trello links that show you a different perspective.

[pocket_links count=”20″ tag=”trello” tag_list=”yes” credit=”no” excerpt=”yes”]

Later in this series, we’ll expand on our different responsibility areas with screenshots and tutorials about how we use Trello more specifically from a practice point of view. The off the shelf templates are great, but there are some insights that we have gained from using it for for nearly 5 years. In the mean time, you can subscribe to our mailing list.