Video – Leadership & Management – Building People First

When entrepreneurs begin their journey, human capital is not typically the first thing their mind drifts towards. Most likely, they are trying to figure out what customers they are going to serve or sell to and what they need to make or do to create a profit.
In this webinar for leaders and entrepreneurs, CEO Rahul Singh explains how to integrate human capital development into the culture of a startup – even when it is comprised of just one or two people. Singh will show us why a company that emphasizes knowledge management, communications, organization, and training will be a leading one because it’s people will be better, faster, and more qualified than the competition.
Rahul Singh addresses:
• Communications strategies
• Leadership development through knowledge management
• Team building through real world examples while starting and growing an internet technology and software architecture firm.
• How his company’s growth has been directly tied to building up the team’s individuals into better team members.

Much of the presentation builds upon knowledge gained through experience in knowledge management internally as well as working for clients. Several ideas such as the “learning organization” and “personal mastery” are borrowed from thinkers such as Peter Senge and Peter Drucker.
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About the Presenter:
Rahul Singh has spent the last 15 years working on Internet companies. At the age of 16, he started his first company in his parents basement to service 3000 hosting customers while going to High School. After designing, building, and migrating everything to a datacenter, he decided to try consulting. He helped his clients solve difficult problems related to creating highly scalable internet applications in organizations large and small such as MCI, ATT, Merrill Lynch, American Legacy Foundation. After a year learning the meaning of service in the restaurant industry, he took off from entrepreneurship to finish his education at Georgetown and worked at various consulting firms to service clients such as USPS, Miller Brewery and later with non-profits such as Feeding America, AICPA, AFT and ACLU.

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