Achieve Sales Excellence

Why did I choose this resource?Achieve Sales Excellence

I chose this resource to learn the challenges of selling to business-to-business customers and how to overcome those challenges.

What did you learn from it?

I learned why it is hard to sell to business-to-business customers and the rules to be successful. I also learned what makes a sales organization first-class.

Key Knowledge

  • The “Sales Effectiveness Gap”
    • Between 1992 and 2002 80,000 business customers were surveyed and this demographic had an exceptionally low opinions of sales people.
    • In a survey of 7,200 sales forces in 15 industries, business customers rated only .003%, or fewer than 20 as “world-class.”
  • Beating the Competition
    • How customers make their decision:
      • “Salesperson effectiveness” – 39%
      • “Total solution” – 22%
      • “Quality of offering” – 21%
      • “Price” – 18%
    • The sales person makes or breaks the sale!
  • Foundational Rules of Professional Competence
    • Rule 1 – Results are your responsibility
    • Rule 2 – Understand Your Customers’ Business
    • Rule 3 – Advocate for Your Customers
  • Advanced Rules of Sales Excellence
    • Rule 4 – Explain the Application of Your Product
    • Rule 5 – Stay in Touch
    • Rule 6 – Solve Customers’ Problems
    • Rule 7 – Be Creative
  • World-Class Sales Organizations
    • Evaluating salespeople and their companies, products, and services.
      • What drives the company culture?
      • How does the company segment its market?
      • How efficiently does the company adapt to market changes?
      • How are customers served by the company’s IT initiatives?
      • How evolved are the company’s sales, services, and technical support systems?
      • How does the company solicit customer feedback and measure customer satisfaction?
      • How does the company recruit and select salespeople?
      • How does the company train and develop its sales force?

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned to develop a sales approach for business-to-business customers.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Review our leads and prospects to identify a business-to-business customer.
  • Create a process and training program for selling to business-to-business customers.


  • Name : Achieve Sales Excellence
  • Author : Howard Stevens and Theodore Kinni
  • Link to Book

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