Systems – The Best Online Tools to Run a Small Business on the Internet (Part 6)

Over the years, many of our clients at Anant Corporation have asked us about our recommendations for different tools to help them grow their business. In this sixth installment, I will discuss some of the best online tools that small businesses can use for finance and accounting.

Finance & Accounting

  1. Freshbooks – Cloud accounting service that makes invoicing clients and tracking time easy and efficient.
  2. QuickBooks – Accounting software that does invoicing, accepts payments, tracks expenses, and provides bookkeeping services. A free trial is available.
  3. Xero – Online accounting and bank reconciliation. 30-day free trial is available.
  4. Indinero – Ideal software for managing expenses (accounting, taxes, and payroll)
  5. Square – The “square” is a nifty device to read credit cards using smartphones. A free square is provided with a sign-up (which is also at no cost). They charge 2.75% per transaction/swipe.
  6. PayPal – PayPal is by far the most convenient way to make payments. You can send money to anyone anywhere with just an email address or a phone number.
  7. Google Spreadsheet – The functionality of this service is very similar to Microsoft Excel. Its quality is that it can be used for collaborative work since multiple people can access and edit the spreadsheet (with a Google account).
  8. Mint – Mint is a useful tool for managing finances. It organizes and categorizes how the company’s money is being spent.
  9. Harvest – Harvest allows you to track time using timesheets. You can access and edit the timesheet from the web (including your smartphone).
  10. Excel – This is one of Microsoft’s most genius creations. You can organize information and create tables and graphs. It is also incredibly useful for accounting and finances because of its in-built mathematical operations.

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