Best Practice for Recruiting on Craigslist

Why did I choose these resources?

I chose these resources to research how to improve the recruiting techniques and yield both better and higher responses on Craigslist.

What did you learn from it?

I learned the different techniques to evaluating and creating a successful job posting.

Key Knowledge

1. Determining Ad Frequency / Lifecycle

  • Search criteria used in calculations:
    • Look at the job area for the category being used
    • Look at the jobs category and enter the basic job title being hired for
  • How to calculate performance:
    • Regular Performance Lifecycle
      • Look at the date of the top post and the bottom post of the first page.
    • High Performance Lifecycle
      • Look at the date of the top post and the bottom post of the “top” fold of the first page.

2. Understand the Craigslist Job Seeker

  • Headlines/Titles of the Ad
    • First and only thing seen by the job seeker
    • Longer titles are best, do not get lost in the crowd
    • Make them easier to understand
  • Know the Categories
    • Research which jobs get the most replies in what categories
  • Within the post
    • Direct them off the Craigslist site as soon as possible
      • Link to the company website
      • Link to apply for the position
    • Keep the description short and to the point with a clear Call to Action
    • Images are never a bad idea
    • Use simple HTML tags to format
    • Do not mention your clients in the post
      • Good sales people comb craigslist to find this information to potential steal a client
  • Days/Times to post
    • Align with the position you are hiring for
    • Best times to post for a Monday – Friday, 9:00 am  – 5:00 pm position
      •  Early morning
      • During the week
      • Never on Friday
  • Where to post
    • Not only in current city, but surrounding cities
    • Many applicants are willing to travel/relocate

3. Utilize all Craigslist has to offer

  • Search resumes on Craigslist, it’s FREE!

4. Weeding out the less than desirables

  • Add a behavioral assessment to our online application

How are you using what you learned?

I am using what I learned to create more appealing/eye catching job postings.

Key Changes / Key Actions

  • Add a link to our website
  • Move links to website and job application to top of posting
  • Use simple HTML formatting to improve the visual quality of the post
  • Review job descriptions and potentially make them shorter


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